splitsplitPDFs are a fantastic way to transmit information online securely because they are versions of files that are read-only. Most academic articles and journals publish via PDF online, as do many businesses and organizations. I myself use PDF files when I distribute handouts to students online, so that they cannot accidentally edit or delete information and then end up confused.

Unfortunately, these very same beneficial features of PDF files can also make them hard to work with when you need to edit or compile them for your classroom.

Thankfully, I’ve found 5 helpful websites to make working with PDF files a little less unwieldy:

    Ever needed to split a large PDF file into multiple sections? Or need to take a document and remove the first page? Thanks to PDFSplit you can now separate files with ease online. Just upload the file, enter the page numbers you want to split up, and press go!
    The opposite of PDFSplit, PDFMerge lets you combine multiple PDF files into one large file. Just upload the individual files to the website and click Merge!
  3. HTML to PDF
    Need to turn a website into a PDF file? No problem – just enter the URL in and adjust the settings, then hit Get PDF! This is especially handy if you need to convert a website into a format that is easier to print and distribute.
    Need to add an encrypted password to a PDF to make sure it is only accessible by certain people? Simple. Just upload the PDF and type in your password. You can even adjust how highly encrypted the file is!
    Need to rotate the pages in a PDF file? This happens to me most often – someone will save a file in the landscape orientation and then I can’t seem to rotate it through my PDF viewer. Just upload the file here and select which way you need it rotated!

3 thoughts on “5 Helpful Websites for Working with PDF Files

  1. Here’s another one for you to add to the list : Type on PDF. Good for filling out those college admission forms.

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