venn-diagramCurrently, a colleague of mine is starting a unit on comparative analysis essays. Originally, she planned to have students create venn diagrams by hand or by constructing shapes and working in Microsoft Word. While both of these are perfectly good ways to create venn diagrams, they can be tedious and frustrating to students. Since this activity is mostly meant as a warm-up, I began to wonder if there was an easier and faster way for students to compare and contrast two ideas, and …

Voila! I found two easy-to-use venn diagram tools online:

  1. ClassTools Venn Template
    Create two-circle or three-circle diagrams to compare and contrast ideas. Type ideas directly onto the circles and label the diagram with titles. You can save it as a web-page and share the link. Unfortunately, to print the diagram you need a paid account, but you can always convert the webpage to a PDF and print it that way!
  2. ReadWriteThink Interactive Venn
    Create two-circle diagrams to compare and contrast ideas by dragging and dropping points into the appropriate spaces. You can easily print the diagrams with descriptions for each label you designate.

Happy comparing, y’all!


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