ThingLink is an amazing new tool that’s quickly gaining popularity at my school. It allows you to upload or choose an image from online and then add media tags to enrich the image. Check out this introductory video on ThingLink below:

As you can see, you can add tags of images, text, videos and audio files directly onto your image. Hovering over the image activates the icons, which you can customize when you edit the image. Then, you can easily share the image by sharing the link via email or on major social media platforms. Check out this example of famous composers, or this one of basketball players.

This is a fantastic presentation option outside of the normal PowerPoint and Prezi options. You can use this in your classroom by asking students to tag maps, asking them to explain historical photos, present on new places, or even explain a new concept. You could even use it as a more visual scavenger hunt, where students have to respond to questions based on the information they find on an image.

I’m excited about the prospects it holds for the classroom, and can’t wait to hear how it works in yours!

Happy thinglink-ing, y’all!


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