I’m adding this to my post, 10 Alternatives To Traditional Book Report.

ReadWriteThink has a fantastic tool I just discovered that lets you create fake trading cards online. You can choose from different templates, such as fictional person, fictional place, real person, real place, physical object, event, abstract, or just create own your own template. The interface, as you can see below in my screenshot, is very user-friendly and easy to manipulate.


You just fill in the information by responding to questions and move from screen to screen with the arrows at the bottom. You can also add information to the back of the card by flipping the card over with the arrow on the bottom of the screen. Plus, you can even insert an image from your computer for the trading card. Once you finish, just press the “Finish Editing” button and you’re done with the card! Then, you can continue to make more trading cards in your collection, with up to 8 per collection:

tradingcard2When you are done with your collection, you can print out the cards, save them to your computer, or even share them via email. This is a fantastic tool for assessing students at the end of a unit! Have them create trading cards for the main characters of a novel, historical figures they are learning about, new cities they are exploring, or even historical or contemporary events.

Happy trading, y’all!


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