The free app I wanted to feature this week is My Spelling Test: Free – an app that allows educators and parents to quickly and easily create spelling tests for their students. This app is a great way to help students practice spelling on their own, and then monitor their performance.

Here’s a quick breakdown on how it works as seen in the App Store:

  • Create A Test – Title the test and add words (for each word, you type the correct spelling and record an audio of the pronunciation)
  • Take A Test – Listen to the word and spell it in the input box (see instantly if you spelled the word correctly before moving on to the next word in the list)
  • See Scores – Lists are graded as students take them, and improvement is tracked across lists (results can be emailed for sharing with teachers or parents)

Here are a few screenshots that explain a little better how the app functions:

The possibilities this application holds for students with special needs, English Language Learners, and foreign language classes is very exciting.

If you end up using this app in your classroom, let me know how it worked for you!


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