While creating a wiki with some colleagues in my masters program, I learned about SpicyNodes. Recently, I used it in a website, and realized that it was just as wonderful as the last time I used it! SpicyNodes is a visually appealing, interactive way for users to engage with a web space. It functions as an organization chart, and allows users to maneuver through the set up of a website, blog, or other web structure in a mind map fashion.

This is especially great when trying to show students information in a visual nonlinear way, and can be great for students who are in a brainstorming process. SpicyNodes has sample lesson plans on their website here, showing examples of ways to integrate the node map tool in your classroom. Want to learn more? Check out their website and try SpicyNodes for free, or watch this informative video on how to use SpicyNodes:


One thought on “SpicyNodes: Adding Spice to Organization

  1. SpicyNodes was new to me, and I really like it. I only wish it could be used collaboratively without a fee.

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