I stumbled across Weavly the other day and was astonished by the simplicity and creativity it allowed. It is fun, fast, and requires no downloading or uploading of files. Plus, the interface is simple and user-friendly, as you can see from the screenshot below:


Best of all – it’s very easy to use! Just search for videos, sounds and animated GIFs directly through Weavly. Weavly will allow you to pull content from YouTube, Vine, Tumblr, SoundCloud, LoopCam or Imgur, which provides a large database of content. Check out my search for “cat” below:


Once you find a video or audio file you like, you can drag-and-drop it into the timeline and adjust the length of the clip. Then, just keep adding video and audio content and preview your video until you are happy with your final product!

There are a couple of different options for publishing the video. Similar to the YouTube format, you can choose whether your video will be public, unlisted (only people with the link can see it) or completely private. Once you decide on the privacy, you are presented with a URL to share and an embed code to publish in blogs and websites. Currently, there is not an option to download the file, but that may be available in the future.

Weavly would be a great creativity tool for students, who could practice editing video and audio to create their own masterpieces. Some ideas for classroom usage include creating summary videos for research projects, mixing audio files to create new music, mashing up videos to create trailers for books they are reading, or even just creating mashup introductions of themselves. In fact, I’m adding this to the 21st Century Icebreakers post as a fun way to introduce students to each other at the beginning of the year.

Happy remixing, y’all!


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