mrsjonesI had posted a long time ago about Remind101, but upon visiting the site recently had to share again. Remind101 is a fantastic tool created by brothers Brett and David Kopf, who realized that students are most available and accessible via text message. So, they created Remind101 so that teachers and administrators can easily remind students of deadlines, schedule changes, and other important events through text message blast.

Essentially, Remind101 works in four simple steps:

1) Teachers create a new group online
2) Students and parents join the group by sending a text message with a certain code
3) Teachers instantly message all students and parents in the group
4) Teachers never see students’ phone numbers and students never see theirs!

In addition to the security and ease of use, teachers can manage up to 10 separate classes. Teachers can also schedule reminders in advance on a calendar, and a history provides a running record of all messages. Students and parents alike receive messages as text messages or emails, and can access these from their computers or phones. What a great way to keep alerts with students without risking security or privacy! To learn more, check out this video below:
Remind101 would be ideal for a whole-school security system, because it doesn’t have a limit on how many members can join a group. This way, in the case of an emergency, administrators can send out news blasts of information to all teachers, parents, and students via mobile phone. I don’t know about you, but my students would get a text message on their phones much faster than an email on their computers. Remind101 would also be great for everyday classroom use, to send out reminders of tests, quizzes and homework deadlines.

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