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As a teacher, I often find myself wondering what my students are really looking at on their devices. Are they following along with my PowerPoint? Are they even looking at the same page? Well, thanks to, you can ensure that all your students are looking at the same page. lets you upload a presentation, document or PDF, and then live broadcast it through a link. Your audience’s presentations move at the same time yours do, and end when you choose to stop broadcasting your presentation. The presentations can be broadcast to mobile devices, tablets and laptops whether your audience is in the same room or across the world, which is especially helpful if you have a student out sick who wants to keep up with the presentation from home.

Additionally, you can add comments to the slides as you present, which will appear on everyone’s screens in real-time. You can even enable the audience to comment, so that students can respond to questions live or ask clarifying questions of their own. The audience can also make notes on the presentation, which are only visible to them. is a fantastic way to ensure that all of your students are on the same page, and is an engaging way to encourage students to stay on task because the information on their screens will move on when you do.

Happy presenting, y’all.


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