Ever had a student complain that they just can’t get started writing? That they don’t know what to write about or where to begin? Well, thanks to Story Starters, your students will have a place to start.

Story Starters provides a randomly generated sentence that should serve as the first line of the story or poem your students are writing. It is an easy way to prompt your students to begin writing, and the sentences are generally funny. Here are the first three sentences I got with the generator:

  • The absent-minded rabbi threw a feather within the hidden room to cover things up.
  • The narrow minded magician wiped off the fingerprint in the bus terminal for the team.
  • The crazy hiker climbed the wall in the school for the old lady.

As you can see, there is a general pattern to these prompts, but they are nonetheless a fun way to get students thinking. For younger students, there is also a Story Starters, Jr.! Prompts here are shorter and simpler with more basic vocabulary. Check out the first three sentences I got here:

  • The poet was carrying an envelope in the secret room.
  • The lion tamer was crying in the lonely room.
  • The coach was making a secret code in the dark.

Happy story starting, y’all!


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