If you don’t already have a Twitter account, you should get one right now! Twitter is one of the best ways to build your personal learning network, and connect with educators across the globe.One of the best ways to discuss education online is through the use of Twitter hashtags. I myself have made many new professional friends online by using hashtags, and am always blown away by how much I can learn by simply chatting with others.

What are hashtags?
Any word beginning with the hash (#) symbol that can be placed anywhere within a tweet and is not case sensitive. It serves to categorize tweets to help make messages searchable and build communities.

How do I use a hashtag to chat with others?
Many of the hashtags are used to create chats online. Basically, you get online at the designated time, and then search for that hashtag or use an application like TweetChat to follow only those posts.

Do educators really use these to chat online?
Absolutely! These chats are some of the most popular online, and often trend in the Twitter-sphere. They are a fantastic way to problem-solve and grow as an educator.

Which chats should I check out?
Great question! Here are 7 Twitter hashtag chats I frequent and find especially helpful.

  1. #edchat
    Global discussion of educators every Tuesday at 12pm EST and 7pm EST
  2. #pblchat
    Discussion of problem-based learning with weekly topics every Tuesday at 8pm EST
  3. #1to1techat
    Discussion of the effective implementation of 1:1 programs in schools every Wednesday at 8pm EST
  4. #educoach
    Discussion of instructional coaching strategies every Wednesday at 10pm EST
  5. #atchat
    Discussion of the use of assisted technology in education every Wednesday at 8pm EST
  6. #ntchat
    Gathering of new and pre-service teachers every Wednesday at 8pm EST
  7. #spedchat
    Discussion of special education every Tuesday at 8:30pm EST

These are just some of the best ones I have found and enjoyed participating in. Jerry Blumengarten, or Cybraryman as he’s known online, has a comprehensive list of Twitter chats and their timings you can explore.

Happy hashtag chatting, y’all!


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