cheer1Thanks to Twitter, my personal learning network (PLN) has been expanding exponentially. Every day I meet someone new who is doing their part to contribute to the field of educational technology, and education at large. Hearing their stories and getting to know them inspires me, and so, I decided to introduce a new feature to the blog… TechTalk!

TechTalks are basically monthly interviews, and will feature an educator or education leader from across the globe. These will always be focused in some way on instructional technology and elearning, but will also provide a great opportunity to hear the successes and struggles of other educators trying to take their classrooms and schools to the 21st century.

Look for the first one later this week, featuring Miguel Guhlin, the Director of Technology Operations at a school district in Texas. And, if you know someone that you think should be featured, or want to share your own story through TechTalk, please contact me here.

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