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The Period Table of Videos, true to its name, is a website that features 118 videos (one per major element). The videos include introductory information as well as interesting and engaging experiments, conducted by a team of chemists from the University of Nottingham in collaboration with BBC.

Although they now have a complete table of elements with videos, they continue to update videos in order to maintain accuracy with the most current scientific research. They have also included a molecule video set, accessible here, which features videos about major molecules like concrete, aspirin and methane.

By the way, some of the experiments are quite dangerous, and meant to engage modern day chemistry students, but should not be conducted within your own classroom! Check out an example below of hydrogen, and explore more videos on their website or YouTube page:


One thought on “Periodic Table of Videos

  1. I am sharing this with my 10th grader, who is taking Chemistry 🙂 Very nice UDL supports for students who benefit from video and multimedia resources, too.

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