I found this absolutely fantastic table created by Dr. John Moravec and HAD to share. It is a concise, meaningful comparison between web 1.0, web 2.0 and web 3.0 and how each of these look in the classroom. For me, it provided an easy way to explain to stakeholders what the purpose of web 3.0 is, and what that might look like in education. Check it out below:

Web 1

As you can see, web 3.0 truly puts technology in the hands of the students, and focuses on using technology to help students make their education their own. It is no longer about churning out employees, but about encouraging students to be lifelong learners and engaging parents, teachers and students into a larger learning community.


9 thoughts on “What Does Web 3.0 Look Like In Education?

  1. Nice table! Reinforces everything I just learned in college….now, to find a school that believes it too and can help us go 3.0! 😛

  2. I think we are almost “in the purple” in a couple of areas, especially where teaching is done.

  3. Reblogged this on Gwendibairibasu and commented:
    Was alerted to this post on my reader feed, and now it would seem to be posted by another PIDP practitioner! Interesting view to the future.

  4. Nice table… Can I get the reference please, would like to locate it… and include in my research report. And most definately although we’ve moved onto the green column we are still expereince blue.

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