mathematical_intelligenceIf you missed it, I created a list of technology tools aligned with Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. Because that list was overwhelmingly overloaded with info, I’m breaking it down by intelligence. A few weeks ago I posted 17 tools for visual/spatial learners, 8 tools for musical learners, and 13 tools for verbal/linguistic learners. Today, I’m sharing with you fantastic tech tools for logical/mathematical learners.

For those of you who are new to multiple intelligences, logical learners have a strong ability to understand the underlying principles of systems and to manipulate quantities and operations. So here are 8 tools to use when designing projects for the these learners:


Create polls using text, equations or images and respond  in real time using mobile devices or internet

Google Forms

Collect data with online forms and view as spreadsheet

Google Spreadsheet

Create spreadsheets, charts, and graphs collaboratively in real time


Create and publish online surveys and view results in real time

Wolfram Alpha

Solve problems using the computational knowledge engine

West Point Bridge Builder

Design and test virtual bridges

Lego Digital Designer

Build virtual lego creations


Create timelines and share them online


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