Sounds a little farfetched, I know, but it is true! At Free Rice, every question you answer correctly donates 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. This website is a wonderful way for students to practice important subject skills and simultaneously learn about charity and world hunger. More information, data and videos about world hunger can be found here.

The website can be used individually without logging in or creating an account, but signing up has it’s perks. When you’re signed up as a player on Freerice you can:

  • track your totals permanently
  • join and create groups
  • share your results on Facebook and Twitter
  • find and follow friends
  • see your results in the ranking table
  • let others see and be inspired by your totals

The website’s bank of questions features all subjects, including math, vocabulary and historical trivia. The full bank can be seen below:

A sample question and automated response from the website can be seen in the screenshots below:

More information on the way the Free Rice website works, including who donates the rice, where the rice goes and how to make more of an impact, can be found on their FAQ page.


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