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A few weeks ago one of my faculty members wanted to create a project where students developed fake movie plots for major events in history, such as World War I, World War II and the Cold War. After talking with him further, we decided that the best way to have students create the idea for a movie without spending too much time on designing the movie itself was to have students fill out an IMDB template for their fake movies.

The IMDB PowerPoint template allows students to work through the main points of a movie, such as plot, cast, crew, reviews and soundtrack, without having to spend a lot of class time creating the movie itself. It is an easy way to assess students on their ability to summarize and synthesize relevant information while still allowing the some room for creativity!

To use it, just download it as a PowerPoint file and share with your students. Students then simply fill in the blank spaces with their own information. The links and buttons are already set-up, so there is no additional work on their part!

Happy movie-making, y’all!


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