Bring-your-own-device, or BYOD, programs are growing in popularity across the nation. Many schools successfully use it to harness the powers of technology in the classroom, while others who fail to foresee the issues and problems that it can bring with it tend to have much more difficulty with implementation.

If you or your school is planning to implement a BYOD program in the upcoming future, take your time with the preparation portion! The better you prepare yourselves, your educators, and your school for the program – the more smoothly it will run. To get you thinking about the major issues and concerns that might crop up, here are 25 questions to consider when planning your BYOD program:

  1. Which devices you will recommend that parents/students purchase and bring to school?
    What operating system will be preferred? What versions of devices will be necessary for classroom projects? Are there suggested accessories?
  2. How will the devices be funded?
    Will they be wholly funded by parents? Will there be options to opt-out of the program for parents who can’t afford the devices?
  3. How will you monitor the devices on campus?
    Is there a policy in place that educates students and parents about the monitoring process?
  4. Can your network handle the increase in traffic a BYOD program brings?
  5. What will technical support look like with different devices?
    Who will provide the technical support? Individual classroom teachers? Other students? A technical support team?
  6. How will you educate students on digital citizenship?
    Will there be programs in place on cyber-bullying, digital footprints, etc.?
  7. What happens if a student forgets a device?
    Will there be loaner devices available? What if more students forget devices than there are loaners?
  8. How will you educate students and parents about the BYOD program?
    How will you maintain communication after implementation about changes and growth of the program?
  9. When are students NOT allowed to use devices?
    Can they use them during lunch? Between classes? During assemblies? During tests?
  10. How will you prepare faculty for BYOD programs?
    What will professional development look like for faculty? What will technical training look like?
  11. How will BYOD be rolled out?
    Will all classrooms begin using BYOD at once? Will you pilot it with certain grade levels or courses?
  12. What software will be needed on these devices?
    Will there need to be additional purchases by parents? If the school is purchasing the necessary software, how will this be installed on individual student computers?
  13. Who is responsible for theft, damage or loss of devices?
    How will this responsibility be made clear to parents and students? Will you recommend a certain insurance program?
  14. How will students print from individual devices?
    Can they print at school? How will they connect to the printers?
  15. What is the disciplinary policy for students who don’t follow BYOD rules?
    Will they get their devices taken away? Will they have restricted access?
  16. How will devices be charged?
    Will students have to charge devices at home? Will there be places students can charge devices at school? Will there be extra chargers on hand for emergencies?
  17. How will students be protected online while at school?
    Will certain websites be blocked and filtered? Will students be asked to sign-up for websites and programs with personal information?

Happy planning, y’all!


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