CalmCounter: Free Classroom Noise Level Monitor!

The Bouncy Balls classroom noise level monitor remains to this day one of the most popular posts on TeachBytes. So, when I came across CalmCounter, I knew I had to share immediately. Although it doesn’t have any exciting bouncing balls, it is still a solid way to measure classroom noise:


Just like Bouncy Balls, CalmCounter is a website that activates your microphone and detects noise level. The more noise in the room, the higher the meter will go. The meter is also color coded for additional clarity, where green means calm and quiet, and red means there is a lot of noise!

Although this tool is a fun, engaging way to monitor noise levels during class, be aware of the warnings posted by CalmCounter before you use it in your classroom. Although the website does not aim to record any audio or video, it will record your volume in order to gauge the noise level. I don’t think there is anything to worry about in terms of protecting students, but when in doubt, it is always better to ask for parent consent.


4 thoughts on “CalmCounter: Free Classroom Noise Level Monitor!

  1. Do you use a plug in microphone or the one built into your computer for this?

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