Recently, I’ve been spending quite a bit of my time researching how to use Pinterest in the classroom in a way that is meaningful and relevant. I’ve posted a couple of articles about Pinterest before, and I’ve noticed that it is very popular among educators for both personal and classroom use. As I researched (and procrastinated) I started developing a running list of different ways Pinterest could be tied back in with Bloom’s taxonomy, which is my go-to for aligning technology tools with educational standards. Today, I finally sat down and put all of that together into a nifty graphic!

Check out my graphic below, and feel free to share and use!

pinterestblooms-page-001 (2)


16 thoughts on “25 Ways To Use Pinterest With Bloom’s Taxonomy

  1. This is brilliant, thank you for sharing! I work in the corporate learning space, and these same rules apply. While it’s difficult to use Pinterest in the adult learning classroom because of time constraints, many of the principles apply and can be used for on the job support tools (job aids) as well as pre or post work.

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