I learned about VideoNotes from Richard Bryne’s incredible blog, and was excited about the possibilities it holds for students and flipped learning. Basically, VideoNotes is an online tool that allows students to take notes while watching videos on the same screen, side-by-side.


You can load a video on the left side of the screen by inputting the URL, and then take notes on a notepad on the right side of the screen. The notes are timestamped to be synced to the video, and are automatically integrated with your Google Drive account. This means you can share, collaborate and publish your notes the same way you you can with any other Google Document. So far, YouTube videos are the only ones accessible through the tool, but I would imagine as the tool develops more video sites will be acceessible.

The reason this tool is especially useful in classrooms is because it allows students to watch and take notes without having to deal with switching screens, pausing, or opening and closing windows. It streamlines the process of flipped learning so that students can focus on two things: watching the video and taking notes.

Happy video note-taking, y’all!


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