Just like any other search engine, Quixey has a search bar where you can enter in your query. Except unlike other search engines, Quixey produces results of applications, of both the mobile and desktop variety, that match your search.

The beauty of this website is that you can now easily find applications for all types of platforms in one, easy-to-use place. Plus, you can filter down results based on the platform, which can shorten the time you spend searching for the right application and increase the time you spend using it. Best of all, if your budget is tight like mine, you can filter results to only show free applications!

For example, when I needed a free application that would allow students to practice working with fractions, I simply searched for “fraction practice” and was able to easily find a host of applications that fit my needs. As you can see below, results appear in a simple, scrolling format, and clicking on an individual result will produce more information and screenshots.



Happy app-searching, y’all!


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