Here we are again, at the end of another month. This month couldn’t go by fast enough, and now I am surprised to find that it is almost the end of the school year! I hope all of you have had an enjoyable April, and can’t thank you all enough for helping TeachBytes grow. This month, I’ve had more than 40,000 views on the blog (that’s 10,000 more than last month!).

Here are this month’s 10 most popular posts:

  1. 25 Ways To Use Pinterest With Bloom’s Taxonomy
  2. Add Voice Comments in Google Docs!
  3. How To Cite Social Media: MLA & APA Formats
  4. Your iPad In A Nutshell: A Quick Reference Card
  5. iFakeText: Create Fake Text Message Exchanges In Your Classroom
  6. 5 Explosive Online Classroom Timers
  7. 17 Questions To Consider When Planning BYOD Programs
  8. CalmCounter: Free Classroom Noise Level Monitor!
  9. Free Download: IMDB PowerPoint Template
  10. Online MP3 Cutter: Clip Audio Files In A Flash!
  11. VideoNotes: Take Notes While Watching Videos!

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