At all of the schools I have ever attended, there has been some sort of a student-run video news program. Announcements, events, and relevant information was dispersed by students in a mock-news channel format and provided amusement every morning during first period. I myself participated as a news anchor in elementary  school, and was always most intrigued by the ingeniousness of the teleprompter. Having the words move across the screen in front of me made my job of relaying information to my peers so much easier, and made me look like I had prepared and professional, as though I had rehearsed and memorized the information beforehand.

Although your school may or may not have a news program, thanks to CuePrompter, you too can have a teleprompter in your classroom. Just copy and paste your text into the textbox provided, adjust settings such as font size and screen size, and press play!


Use these for creating more professional looking flipped videos for your students or for student presentations. Asking students to write a script for their presentations can be a great way of scaffolding presentation skills, and can provide support for high-need learners.

Happy prompting, y’all!


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