read blogI don’t know about you, but I love spending time procrastinating on work and reading education blogs. Blogs like Richard Byrne’s and Larry Ferlazzo’s keep me abreast of current trends in education and technology, and motivate me to keep up with my own blog. As I’ve grown into my role in the blogosphere, I’ve been on the hunt for more blogs to add to my reading list, and Teach100 has been a great resource to find them.

Teach100 aims to curate a list of education-related blogs that are individually ranked based on their quality. Blogs are assigned scores based on level of engagement from visitors, quality of content, frequency of updates and more. Rankings update daily to provide educators across the globe with the most current, relevant quality education blogs on the web.
You’ll see that I post my daily rankings on the sidebar of this blog, which keeps me motivated to continue to produce quality content for all of my readers. Using Teach100, I have found so many worthwhile blogs to read, and I would highly recommend it as a place to go for finding new blogs.
Happy reading, y’all!

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