I’ve posted a couple of articles in the past about QR codes in the classroom, and I’ve found that they can be an engaging, hands-on way to disseminate information to students. Today, I want to share a new QR tool that will allow you to use these codes in the classroom in a new way. Now usually, you need a link to generate a QR code, usually referring students back to a website, a video, an audio file or even an interactive activity. Sometimes, however, you just want to use QR codes to provide students with brief instructions, clues or a short synopsis of information.


For these purposes, QR Voice is perfect. Unlike other QR codes, when QR Voice codes are scanned, they play short snippets of audio. You can either record your own audio or type in your message and have an automated voice read the message to the code-scanners. Just remember, with the text option you are limited to 100 characters. This really drives home the purpose of this tool: to provide brief messages to students.

Happy QR coding, y’all!


One thought on “QR Voice: A Picture Is Worth A 100 Characters

  1. Thanks for the post, one nit though: you can’t record your own audio, the tiny mic that appears by the input box is the speech-to-text feature when available in the browser (Chrome has it) It allows you to speak your message and that message gets converted into text in that input box to save you some time typing (similar to Siri on iPhone).

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