If you haven’t ever used Google Forms before, it is a fantastic way to gather data, manage surveys and assess students online. Recently, the fine folks at Google added another feature to make this platform more robust: embedded images. You can now insert images from your computer or online into your forms with ease!

Check out Richard Byrne’s simple, tutorial video below:

Use this feature to create assessments for students that involve matching terms to images, such as geography recognition, biology labeling, or even a fun, silly quiz like Richard’s about his dogs!


3 thoughts on “Video Tutorial: How To Add Images To Google Forms

  1. Help! I can’t get the images to load in my google forms! Is there a certain browser I need to use?

    1. Hmm. Is it possible that the images you are using are too large? Only files smaller than 2000 by 2000 pixels are allowed.

    2. I just learned that this feature has not been rolled-out to all users. If you’re a Google Apps for Education user with the older Google Forms layout, then you won’t see this option quite yet!

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