Free App of the Week: Screen Time

This week, I want to share Screen Time with you, which offers teachers and parents a way to control the amount of time students spend on a device. It’s relatively easy to use: just set up a passcode, choose a time limit and hand it to your student. When the time runs out, the phone will lock up and the only way to unlock the phone will be to enter the pre-chosen passcode. You can designate different users if you have multiple students using your device, and set different time limits per user or each time you hand the device over.

Although this may seem a little reversed for someone who encourages the use of technology to share an application that would limit the use of technology, I believe that students need to be monitored and guided with this technology, especially at a young age. While I firmly believe that technology provides an immense amount of opportunities for learning and engagement, I also believe that students can often spend too much time on trivial applications that have no greater purpose for their growth. Even though I myself enjoy fun games with no greater purpose than defeating villains or catapulting birds at pigs, I eventually have to stop playing and resume my other tasks. As the adults involved, we can use this sort of an application as a tool to monitor and coach students to manage their time with these sorts of applications.

Here’s a couple screenshots to get a better idea of what the app looks like:

Free App of the Week: Screen Time

Happy screen-time monitoring, y’all!

One thought on “Free App of the Week: Screen Time

  1. Can I recommend another free education application? ExamTime ( is free online study software where you can create your own Mind Maps & Flashcards and share with your friends online. It’s a great way to introduce kids to learning using visual aids.

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