Most of you have probably already heard of Evernote, but for those of you who haven’t, it is essentially a free, note-taking tool. The coolest thing about Evernote is that you can access it on multiple devices, from your personal computer to your iPhone to your school computer. When browsing the internet, Evernote allows you to capture pictures, video, audio or text, write a brief note and save it. You can save entire webpages, as well as scan things into Evernote to keep track of all your documents, electronic and paper, in one place. Then, when you have all your information stored in Evernote, you can search it easily. This is especially useful when conducting research and you need to track of different sources in one, convenient place!

The free online service has monthly usage limitations (currently 60 MB/month), and displays a “usage” meter. A premium service is also available that currently costs $5 per month or $45 per year, and currently offers 1,000 MB/month usage.

Happy note-taking, y’all!

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