Since I work at a Jewish school, one of the issues I constantly face is how to provide my Hebrew instructors with resources that can be used in their script. This is especially complicated when students need to type in Hebrew, which is easy to do in school with our Hebrew keyboards, but more difficult to accomplish at home. Thanks to Gate2Home, though, our students can now access a virtual language keyboard from anywhere they have internet access.

Gate2Home has options for over 100 different languages including Arabic (العربية)Chinese (中文)Hindi (हिन्दी) and Russian (Русский). Just select the language you want to type with and presto – a virtual keyboard appears on the screen:


As you can see, users are provided with a visual keyboard that they can use as a reference to type from their own keyboards, or they can click on each individual key online. Once they are finished, text can be pushed to Facebook and Twitter, or copied to be pasted into another document. The opportunities this allows for foreign language teachers is especially exciting.

Happy typing, y’all!


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