A little while ago I posted about an amazing addicting, online geographical guessing game called GeoGuessr. As I mention in the post, GeoGuessr plops you down somewhere in the world, and it is your task to figure out exactly where that might be by using Google Maps and Google Earth to find geographical clues.

Well, thanks to GeoSettr, you can now make your own GeoGuessr challenges for your students to play! In creating your own challenge you will be working with two screens: on your left is a world map and on your right is a Street View of the current location.


To change locations, move the little yellow person (also known as Pegman) You can move around by dragging, zoom in and out, and choose the exact location for this round. When you’ve found the right location click”set round” to save the location. Repeat this process for five rounds (choose different locations) and then your game will be assigned a URL that you can distribute.

GeoSettr is simple and easy-to-use, and would be a fun way to make geographical challenges for students specific to the regions you are studying or learning about in class. Plus, with no signups or setup required, you can even have students make challenges for each other!

Check out the example I made and see if you can guess the 5 locations I set. Then, post your score in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “GeoSettr: Create Your Own GeoGuessr Challenge!

  1. Your post on geoguessr got me blamed for losing a lot of people’s time.:) They’ll like this one, too. Thanks!

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