I would wager a guess that the majority of teachers uses PowerPoint as a way to present information and lecture in class. In fact, PowerPoint has been under a lot of flack lately for being tired, dated, and unexciting. For the sake of playing devil’s advocate, however, I vote that there’s still some life left in this piece of technology! If used in the right way, PowerPoint can still offer our students and our classrooms options that are otherwise difficult to manage.

Below are my ideas for how PowerPoint can be revamped and used with Bloom’s Taxonomy! Feel free to share and copy it, and click on the image for a larger version you can use to print from.



8 thoughts on “20 Ways To Use PowerPoint With Bloom’s Taxonomy

  1. You list some wonderful activities for the blending of Bloom’s Taxonomy with Powerpoint! Thanks for integrating and sharing! Awesome post!

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