Recently, a friend of mine posted this link on Facebook, and I was excited to share with you the possibilities it holds for the classroom. The Academy of Acheivement (A Museum of Living History) has developed a page titled, “Find Your Role Model” on their website. This is essentially a search engine that students can use to find suitable mentors based on three main categories, as shown in the screenshot below:

Results on the searches include notable scientists, writers, athletes and more, with detailed biographies as well as an in depth interview and video interview for student exploration. What a great way for students to find role-models, based on characteristics and traits they most admire.

In case you are curious, this is who the website suggested for me:


One thought on “Find Your Role Model

  1. Reblogged this on principalaim and commented:
    I just ran across this blog posted on June 11 and could not resist sharing it with you. If you look at the screen shot, I love the three categories listed to help identify “achievers like me.” I think they each speak to the kinds of questions I’d ask my students to think about when choosing a great role model: what do you aspire to; does the personality match mine; have we faced similar challenges in life. As I mentioned in my blog, I think it is key to choose role models that you can identify with (and who can identify with you)! tlb

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