For those of you out there who listen to podcasts already – bravo! For those of you who don’t… not to worry, you soon will!

podcastPodcasts are a fantastic way to learn more about your craft as an educator, and a way to get timely professional development while you are doing other things. Listen to them when you are driving to work, or when you are cleaning up around the house, or even before you go to bed. I personally love plugging in to a podcast when I’m on my way to work as an energizer for my day, and often get a lot of my inspiration for my blog posts from these.

What can often become overwhelming though, is the sheer number of podcasts available to choose from!

While there are so many good podcasts out there, here are 10 fantastic education-technology focused ones to start with:

  1. Steve Hargadon’s EdTech Interview Podcasts
  2. The State of Tech
  3. The Ed Tech Crew
  4. Assistive Technology TIPSCAST
  5. EdCeptional Channel
  6. Google Educast
  7. #NerdyCast
  8. EdTech Talk: Teachers Teaching Teachers
  9. Flipped Learning
  10. LiTTech

Happy listening, y’all!


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