I was working with a teacher recently whose students were having a hard time grasping the concept of analogies. It seemed evident that what they needed was a way to practice completing analogies at home, but they were quickly becoming bored of endless worksheets. Plus, the worksheets didn’t tell them whether they were right or not, and they had to wait until the next school day to find out if all of their efforts were placed in the right direction or not. Needless to say, this was one frustrated group of students.

In order to help engage the students at home with analogy practice questions, I suggested that the teacher implement some analogy drill games instead. This way students would get immediate feedback on their attempts to complete analogies! It worked wonders – students seemed happy to have a break from tireless worksheets. They voiced their appreciation for “knowing if I got the right answer or not” so that they could adjust their strategy for the next question instead of completing the rest of the practice blind to their mistakes.

If you’re working on analogies in your own classroom, or just want to provide your students with ways to practice on their own, here are 6 games that provide a more engaging way to practice:

  1. Analogy Battleship
    Practice recognizing different kinds of analogies
  2. Who Wants To Be An Analogy Word Master?
    “Who wants to be a millionaire” style game
  3. Complete The Analogy
    Fill-in-the-blank style analogy quiz
  4. Which One?
    Fill-in-the-blank style analogy game
  5. Which Type?
    Multiple-choice practice recognizing different kinds of analogies
  6. Analogix
    Complete the analogy within a certain time

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