how-to-podcastPodcasting provides students with an engaging new way to interact with material. Students can step outside of the traditional classroom elements of direct lecture or visual representations, and enjoy the benefits of audio. For those students who are musical learners, this platform is especially useful. It also allows students to listen at the own pace, and at home, allowing for greater flexibility in pacing inside and out of the classroom. Plus, creating their own podcasts allows students to give their thoughts and opinions a space to be heard outside the classroom, and thus helps bring real-life meaning to their work.

The question I often get, however, is what to do with podcasts after they are made. Thankfully, there are places you can share, broadcast, and distribute your podcasts online for free. If you want to try making podcasts in your own classrooms, or have already made some that you would like to share, here are 3 places you can host podcasts for free:

  1. PodBean
  2. PodOMatic
  3. Blurbrry

Happy podcast hosting, y’all!


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