Yesterday I read a fantastic post by Matt Levinson on Edutopia about digital media exit tickets that really got me thinking. In his article, he begins with a story of a lesson on prepositions he thought went really well, but eventually realizes that students didn’t get what he wanted out of the lesson. As he says in the article,

“That experience served as a major “aha” moment to me as a young teacher. I realized that I needed to have some way of assessing what students were learning both as the class was unfolding and at the completion of class.

This is the moment when I started using exit cards, a 3×5 notecard for students to write down something they had learned. I … recognized how critical frequent assessment is to ensuring understanding. I pooled the data from the exit cards to figure out next steps and to revisit a topic that didn’t quite hit the mark.”

Inspired by this article, I too wanted ways that they could quickly share their thoughts and questions about a lesson so that I could assess their understanding. In line with my own passions though, I also wanted a way for students to further develop their tech skills while doing this.

So, I came up with 10 digital exit ticket ideas, and am excited to put these into effect this school year! Check them out below and let me know how it goes in your own classroom if you use one.

  1. Create a Google Form that asks students about their thoughts on a lesson that students must fill out before they can leave for the day.
  2. Have students create an “Exit Ticket” pinboard on Pinterest. Then, each day, require them to pin one thing they’ve learned to the board.
  3. Have students create a 30-second Voki that shares what they learned each day.
  4. Have students tweet their exit-tickets  in 140 characters. This way, they exercise their summarization skills AND  have a running log of their learning over the course of the year.
  5. Have students create a single PowerPoint slide that shares what they learned. Then, compile all student slides into one slideshow that you can use to start the next lesson with!
  6. Use PollEverywhere to have students share a key idea they learned in real-time.
  7. Have students create “Exit Ticket” blogs where each day, before they can leave, they must quickly create a post that outlines what they have learned.
  8. Have students take a single photo during class that outlines a key moment of learning.
  9. Have students Blabberize a relevant photo from class to share a takeaway from the day’s lesson.
  10. Have students create a short, three-panel comic outlining the day’s most valuable key idea.

6 thoughts on “10 Ways To Create Digital Exit Tickets

  1. These are all good ideas to apply in the classroom. In Pre-K level we apply the concepts a bit modified such as have students identify and/or name a number or a letter for instance.

  2. We need to continually be checking for understanding to increase student’s learning so the Exit Ticket is a quick and fabulous way to do so.

  3. students love to take pictures during labs and demonstrations. It definitely heightens their interest when allowed to do so. Perhaps it is time to use this interest to promote learning.

  4. Love the idea that students know they have to be accountable for their own learning by using exit tickets will encourage them to pay better attention, ask questions when thought process is broken and repeat what they have learned for short term and long term memory gain.

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