7 Reasons To Use Edmodo In Your Classroom

This year, I started a new job at a brand new school. As the Technology Coach, I was fortunate enough to make key decisions for our school about hardware, software and curriculum. One of those decisions was our LMS, or Learning Management System. After a lot of research and experimenting, our team decided to move forward with Edmodo.

Here are 7 reasons why:

  1. It’s free.
    Many of the cloud-based options out there charge a fee per active user, or charge fees for add-ons and new features. Edmodo remains completely free, although it now has options to add paid apps. There are no restrictions to how many students can be in each group, or how many teachers you can have at your school. As a brand new school, this was especially appealing!
  2. It provides a secure environment.
    The classrooms are completely teacher controlled, which means teachers can manage student passwords, delete inappropriate posts from students, or even make the class read-only. In addition, students cannot message each other privately, and all student posts are visible by teachers and parents.
  3. It is user-friendly.
    Set-up takes a matter of minutes and is very user-friendly. The design and layout are similar to Facebook, which makes it intuitive and easy to learn. Plus, there are dozens of videos and guides on Edmodo available online, and the support staff at the company responds within 24 hours to every email. Talk about great service!
  4. It has awesome features.
    You can post text, polls, videos, links, quizzes and assignments all directly through Edmodo. It has a calendar feature so students can keep track of due dates and major events. It has a digital backpack for unlimited storage of files, documents, photos, etc. Seriously, you can do SO much!
  5. It helps with going paperless.
    Assignments can be turned in online, which means no stacks of papers in the back of your car. We use it in conjunction with Google Drive and it works brilliantly. (In fact, you can sync your Drive accounts directly to Edmodo!)
  6. It’s mobile friendly.
    Edmodo has free apps for Android and Apple products, which means students can check it on the fly.
  7. It helps with differentiation.
    Edmodo allows you to create small groups in an instant, which is great for differentiation in the classroom. We’ve used it to make reading groups, tutorial sessions, and for breaking down our classroom into smaller, more manageable sections. Plus, we’ve used it to individualize the lessons for students with specific learning needs.

These are only a few of the reasons we’ve implemented Edmodo, but seriously, it’s awesome. Of course, like any other platform, it has it’s issues. But compared to others that I’ve used (Edline, Blackboard, Moodle), it’s pretty fantastic.

For those of you unfamiliar with Edmodo, it is a free, cloud-based LMS that is wildly popular with schools across the nation. For a brief overview, check out the video below:

Happy Edmodo-ing, y’all!

5 thoughts on “7 Reasons To Use Edmodo In Your Classroom

  1. I’ve started using Edmodo this year with my 4-5-6 technology classes. They LOVE LOVE it! Many will message me outside of class or complete assignments at home. Another thing that I like is that when I am absent (either planned or unexpected), I can communicate with them via Edmodo!

  2. Edmodo or Schoology. . .
    Did you evaluate Schoology, and why did you choose Edmodo (perhaps you are an elementary school)? Just genuinely curious
    one who decided to got with Schoology

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