For the past few weeks I’ve seen our sixth grade students practice fractions in a multitude of ways. From using the clock as a model to dividing up pizza pies, students have been working with a variety of manipulatives to cement how fractions work.

One of the manipulatives that our Mathematics Coach uses with students is fraction tiles, which are essentially long, lego-like blocks that can be broken up to represent different fraction denominations. Students seem to respond really well to these, as they offer a simple, visual representation of how different fractions can be equivalent (for example, 1/2 and 2/4). However, by the end of a fraction tile session, we are inevitably a few tiles short for the next round.

Thanks to ABCYa’s Virtual Manipulatives though, we never have to worry about losing another tile. As you can see in the screenshots below, this website allows students to drag and drop virtual tiles into a screen to compare and analyze them. Tiles are brightly color-coded to aid students differentiate between different sizes. Once students complete their analyses, they can share their diagrams by saving them to their devices or printing them directly (check out my example below!). 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The beauty of these virtual manipulatives, aside from never having to worry about losing another one, is that students can continue to practice with them at home! I know for my sixth-graders this is going to be a great, virtual way to practice fraction skills, and I hope it is for yours too.

Happy virtual fractions, y’all!


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