Most teachers have some sort of daily routine for students when they come into class. For me, that’s having students get their laptops out and engage in a quick game to jumpstart their brains for the learning ahead of them.

I’ve organized the week into five different types of brain games, with a category for each day. Below, I’ve included some examples of ones that I’ve used with success in my own classroom:

I’ve found that students really enjoy starting off the day with something that engages their brain but isn’t necessarily for a grade. In fact, on the few days we’ve had to jump straight into work, students get downright rebellious if there’s no game link in their inbox! Plus, once their brains are in thinking mode, especially on these colder winter mornings, it becomes much easier to transition into schoolwork.

Happy brain gaming, y’all!


2 thoughts on “15 Free Games To Jumpstart Student Brains

  1. Hey Aditi,
    Such a great list of brain games.Thanks a lot for sharing.Definitely these games will help my students to start their day in an interesting way.

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