A close friend of mine who is a fellow educator recently asked me for help finding free resources for his music class. After a bit of research, I found some great apps that he can use with his class-set of iPads as well as some online resources. Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing more music resources, but let’s start with the basics: keeping time.

Traditionally, metronomes looked like this:

In the 21st century, metronomes can look like these:
  1. Online Basic Metronome
    Simple, free online program that displays a traditional metronome that allows you to adjust the volume and tempo.
  2. Online Metronome 
    Free online metronome with an adjustable tempo and full-screen setting.
  3. iBeat
    Free app that allows for basic control of tempo with 12 options for sound.
  4. Pro Metronome
    Free app that is allows for adjustable temp, time patterns, and 7 options for sound. This app also has a paid, upgraded version with even more features.
  5. iMetronome
    Free app with adjustable tempo and time signatures.

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