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As you gear up for the start of the semester, it might be a good time to have students compile and collect information from the year 2013. A colleague of mine was interested in having students create timelines that showcased the 10 most important events they had learned about this year, and since we are a paperless program, asked me if there were any digital alternatives to colored pencils and rulers.

Of course, there are many options for creating web-based timelines out there, but here are 4 of my favorites:

  1. TimeToast
    Free, publishable, interactive timelines that allow both text and images. These can also be embedded within websites and blogs for further publishing options. Timelines can be viewed in the interactive format or in a text-only format for easy printing.
    Ex: History of Voting Rights
  2. TimeGlider
    Insert images and links for each event that are interactive and labeled by category. Interface is very visually appealing, but free account is limited to three timelines max.
    Ex: History of Idaho
  3. Tiki-Toki
    Free, interactive timeline that allows you to set the background, color-code content, embed images, links and videos directly from YouTube and Vimeo. Unfortunately, the free account only allows one timeline, but this is the only timeline maker I’ve found that let’s you create timelines in an awesome, 3D space!
    Ex: Tower of London
  4. Dipity
    Free, easy-to-use timeline creator that allows you to create, share, embed and collaborate on interactive, visually engaging timelines that integrate video, audio, images, text, links, social media, location and timestamps.
    Ex: Internet Memes Timeline

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