photoOne of my favorite pastimes, and probably one of the favorite pastimes of your students too, is browsing YouTube for new content. In my procrastination yesterday, I came across a wonderful site that might come in handy in your own classrooms: the Museum of Obsolete Objects.

The Museum of Obsolete Objects offers quick, 1-2 minute videos that dive in on objects that once were very useful, and now have gone to the wayside thanks to new technologies and trends. The sad part for me was that a lot of these objects became obsolete in my own lifetime, while some of my students have never seen them in real life.

For example, floppy disks! Those used to be the primary means of backing up information, and now they are nowhere to be found. Below you’ll find the Museum of Obsolete Object’s quick overview of the floppy disk:

These videos would be a great launch to a research project around objects that once were a part of our everyday community, but are now no more. Notice that they don’t only feature recent technologies, but instead go all the way back to objects like quill pens and typewriters.

Happy researching, y’all!


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