Currently, our sixth graders are learning about simple and complex probability. Currently, students are working through skill-building problems and investigations with our math coach, but seem to be craving something more. So, in an effort to encourage them to work through problems, we’ve compiled a list of games that they can play as a reward for completing problems.

Check out these 3 great probability games below:

  1. Probability Fair
    Players win tickets by answering probability questions based on a spinner with different colors. With these tickets, they can play different fair games to win even more tickets!
  2. Probability Pond
    Players choose from a variety of types of activities, including describing chances, finding probabilities, and showing probabilities. Games involve choosing, matching or adjusting fireflies of different colors.
  3. Ball Picking Machine
    Players must determine the probabilities of a certain color of ball being chosen and adjust the probabilities on a line-graph.

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