A+UP logo black red 8-6 VAs I mentioned at the beginning of the school year, this year I was lucky enough to help launch a brand new technology-driven middle school here in Houston, Texas. This school, called A+ Unlimited Potential, has been a wonderful experience, and has shown me the true power of personalized learning.

Of course, as you all know, when something this innovative comes into your life, it often takes up much more of your time than you ever thought imaginable! I wouldn’t have it any other way, but I do regret that I was unable to keep up with TeachBytes during this pilot year. Now, however, as the school year winds to a close and I have a good base of knowledge for how this school works, I am ecstatic and excited to devote more of my time to sharing resources and ideas with my favorite online community: you!

If you are curious, check out the virtual tour of our school I recently created for a play-by-play of how a typical day in our learning community might unfold. Otherwise, hang on to your brains gang, new links and resources coming your way soon!


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