A few weeks ago Google released a new chrome experiment that my students have been obsessed with playing, and I can’t blame them! Spell Up is designed for Chrome, but also works with Android and iOS.

Google worked with game designers and teachers to create a simple but addicting spelling game: spell words correctly and your tower grows taller and taller. Words become more and more challenging, and include not only spelling, but also jumbles and Wheel-Of-Fortune style guessing games. Additionally, players can earn bonuses and use hints by earning coins throughout the game.

The game is available in three levels:

  • Beginner (words like bread and lake)
  • Intermediate (words like laundry and spinach)
  • Expert (words like innovator and extrapolate)

Here’s a quick video for an overview of how it works:

Try this game out in your own classroom as a brain-boosting warm-up or reward for completing work. Plus, take a whack at it yourself – you might be surprised by how hooked you get.

Happy spelling up, y’all!


2 thoughts on “Google Spell-Up: The Better You Spell, The Higher Your Tower!

  1. Just like in speech to text on your cell, you have to clearly enunciate your letters. Even then, it sometimes gets it wrong. Still fun with lots of potent shell (potential)!

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