If you type the word “innovation” into a Google search, you’ll get 125 million results in under half a second.

Awesome? Yes.

Overwhelming? Absolutely.

In a world where information is accessible and expansive, how do we as educators begin to understand what innovation looks like in a focused, applicable format? In other words, how do we take those 125 million results, and come up with something that will work in our classrooms, with our students and our communities?

At Houston A+ Challenge, we believe that innovation is not “doing more” or “doing different,” but instead, “doing better.” To truly innovate, we must be open to change. This means that as educators, we must be aware of the changing face of our craft, and be connected and ready for new tools, techniques, and ideas. We must also know how to successfully implement change. How do we get others on board? How do we get students excited? Parents? Other teachers? Administrators?

Let’s figure it out together. You are invited to join us, once a month, for a hands-on approach to tackling innovation in your own classrooms, schools and districts. Together, we will commune to help each other gain traction in our respective environments, to build learning networks nationwide, and to craft effective change to benefit our students.

 Apply for the 2014-2015 Innovation Academy today.


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