One of the most important parts of setting the tone for a new school year is reaching out to families and building a mutual relationship that can support student growth at home and at school. Thanks to technology, connecting with families can be less time-consuming and more convenient.

Here’s 6 ways to reach out to families on the first day of school:

  1. Create a Remind101 group so that you can update families via text message about upcoming events, big deadlines, and classroom news.
  2. Create an Edmodo group for your class and show parents how they can use the platform to access news, student grades, and turned-in assignments.
  3. Build a classroom website and share the link with families!
  4. Reach out to parents with a Google Form or SurveyMonkey survey that collects important contact information and sets the tone for communication.
  5. Email parents a list of resources they can use to help students with their homework throughout the year.
  6. Use WeJoinIn to create a parent volunteer signup sheet so families can get involved in the classroom.

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