I came across this awesome matrix today and was excited about how I could use it to assess my own classroom and those of my colleagues around how effective our technology integration is.

As always, it is my belief that the purpose of integration is to enhance and improve student learning. As awesome as the bells and whistle apps are, if the technology is not translating to student learning, it is unnecessary.

This chart highlights the five main purposes of technology integration: to help students become more active, collaborative, constructive, authentic and goal-directed. Each of these areas is broken down into the levels of integration in a classroom, and thus is a fantastic roadmap for figuring out where you are in your integration, and where you can go.

Check it out below:

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 7.34.26 AM


6 thoughts on “Technology Integration Matrix: Assess Yourself!

  1. I had to use this matrix in my last technology course in my masters program. It is wonderful. The PDF doesn’t show it but if you go to http://www.azk12.org/tim/ each cell has 2 lessons, for different grade levels that illustrate how the categories and levels of technology are integrated into the curriculum.

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