If you’re like me, Google Documents are an essential part of your work day. Whether I’m collaborating on a lesson-plan with a colleague, sharing notes on a meeting with the school, or assessing student writing, Google Documents is probably my most-used website online at work!

In order to move through the large number of documents I have to work with each day, it becomes crucial to rely on keyboard shortcuts to minimize the amount of time I spend clicking back-and-forth all day long (especially since I am without a mouse at work!). I assumed that these shortcuts were widely known, but recently realized that many of my colleagues were unaware of these workarounds.

So, here you go, 10 essential keyboard shortcuts for making, editing, and working with Google Docs more quickly provided for you in both PC and Mac:

  1. Ctrl+Home: Get back to the top of your doc.
  2. Ctrl+B: Bold.
  3. Ctrl+E: Center alignment
  4. Ctrl+M: Insert comment.
  5. Ctrl+H: Replace.
  6. Ctrl+Z: Undo.
  7. Ctrl+Y: Redo.
  8. Ctrl+Shift+L: Bulleted list.
  9. Ctrl+K: Inset link.
  10. Ctrl+Shift+F: Full screen.

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